Kit Malthouse drops in at Living Paintings

Kit Malthouse, Conservative Candidate for North West Hampshire, dropped in to Kingsclere charity Living Paintings last week.

The charity, which is celebrating its 25th year of operation creates, publishes tactile and audio books for blind and partially sighted people. Called Touch to See books, they are sent free, mail order to anyone from pre-school to adult. The wide and growing free library is designed to provide education, life-long learning, as well as pure pleasure and has become indispensible to the blind and partially sighted community in the UK.

During his visit Kit saw for himself how the books are produced, many hand painted by volunteers, who also help to operate the national library service. Camilla Oldland, Living Paintings chief executive, took Kit through the history of the charity, founded by her mother in 1989, and explained their plans for the future.

Kit said: “The history of Living Paintings is a really inspiring and fascinating story. Opening up the world of art to those who are blind or partially sighted must be a revelation. But it was the books for pre-school kids that really touched me. I have three-year-old twins myself who are fascinated by books; providing a way for a blind toddler to have that same pleasure is wonderful. I really wish Living Paintings well in their mission and future fundraising projects.”