Restoring Calm after the Referendum

The EU Referendum result offers the UK new opportunities to chart its own course, open up to the world and restore our tradition of Parliamentary democracy. However, ending a 43 year relationship with the European Union was never going to easy. Like Former Governor of the Bank of England Lord King, I believe that the current volatility was to be expected and that it is no reason for panic. What we do with policy domestically was always going to matter more than whether we voted ‘In’ or ‘Out’. We know that markets often overreact, loath political uncertainty and had not priced in a Leave vote.

It is now our job to steady the ship and provide candour, boldness and political clarity to allay fears and restore the optimism of the British people. We will.

Here’s the Prime Minister’s statement from yesterday in the House. You can find more information on leaving the EU on Parliament’s website.