Youth Rocketry Challenge


The UK Rocketry Challenge is a free national competition that can spark the self-fulfilling passion for studying STEM subjects in more young people.

The Challenge is aimed at 11-18 year olds and involves the design, build and launch of a model rocket with the aim of ensuring the passenger – one raw egg – remains intact throughout the launch and landing. Sergei Korolev, the man who designed the rocket that put the first person in space, started at the same place before more than a handful of people thought that space was possible. Designed to encourage teamwork, creativity and innovation, the UK Rocketry Challenge enables young people to gain practical insight into how these subjects are used in Advanced Manufacturing.

I’m encouraging schools from North West Hampshire to enter the competition so students can apply what they have learnt in science, technology, engineering and maths to this creative, innovative and fun challenge. The national final champions win an all-expenses paid trip to Paris, to represent the UK in a fly off against teams from the USA, Japan and France at the International Paris Air Show in June 2017. The deadline to register is 28th February 2017. You can find more information at by emailing