GET BREXIT DONE! The message loud and clear from Andover

The NW Hants team and I spent a positive morning in Andover market talking to residents. There were loads of different issues raised from schools and roads to the rail service and the health of the town centre. But two big issues came up again and again: the first was the 20,000 new cops that the Prime Minister has given me the job of recruiting, which got universal support. The second was of course Brexit, and every time people pointed out to me that the argument isn’t about Brexit any more, it’s about democracy, and the sacred promise that’s made to people when they vote. I wholeheartedly agree, and I’ve tried my best to get us out of the EU as smoothly as possible. But now we need a majority to make it happen, so here’s hoping for the 12th and thank you Andover for a great session.