Abbots Ann Apples Are Ace

Villagers in Abbots Ann have been collecting their garden apples and donating them to their award winning village shop who have used them to produce their very own apple juice for sale

The apples are pressed, pasteurised and bottled at Kimpton Manor Apple Press, who offer the service to anyone with garden apples or pears that need pressing at this time of year. They will take as little as a well-filled wash basket right up to a truckload. They can even provide customised labels on your bottles and the only thing added is a squirt of lemon juice to prevent discolouration.

Kit Malthouse the Conservative candidate for North West Hampshire dropped in to the award winning Village Shop and Post Office recently, and was presented with a bottle to try.

Kit commented “It was a very generous gift and completely delicious! I gather that no two pressings are the same given the random types of apple used, and I think my batch must have had a fairly large Bramley component because it was lovely and sharp and so refreshing.”

“Its really wonderful to see such a thriving and entrepreneurial team running the shop for the benefit of the village. Talking to the two local councillors, Maureen Flood and Graham Stallard, I know that small businesses like this are vital for the success of this area and I will be fighting hard to support them and help them grow.”