Tax Credits

Thank you for getting in touch and I certainly appreciate the points you make about tax credits.

As you may have seen the statutory instrument enabling the changes to Tax Credits was voted down by the House of Lords. The Chancellor has now agreed to look at transitional assistance for people affected by these changes and he will announce this in the Autumn Statement at the end of November. Once we have this information, we will be able to assess any impact further.

It is worth saying that we still face dire national finances and reducing the welfare bill will be a key part of bringing our national accounts into balance. This is always going to involve difficult decisions but I hope you can see the sense in moving from a high welfare, low wage society to a high wage, low welfare society. This will be a migration that will not be without issues for families and companies alike, but one which I hope we can all agree will be to the long term benefit of the country.

With best wishes

Kit Malthouse