Virtual Town Broadband Plan

It’s good news for all of you in the Anna Valley who struggle with your broadband connections and speed, Test Valley Borough Council and Virgin Media are driving forward with the Virtual Town Project to install a new fibre network from Andover, Hampshire, United Kingdom down through the villages. Virgin Media will offer a 200 Mb/s residential service and 300 Mb/s for businesses.

Phase 1 will use the Test Way, as the main route and should reach Wherwell, Chilbolton, Goodworth Clatford, Stockbridge, Kings Somborne,  and Michelmersh & Timsbury by the end of next year. Phase two will will connect Houghton, Broughton, West Tytherley, Winterslow and Firsdown.

This private venture, unique to Test Valley, complements the Superfast Broadband project. Getting people onto fast, reliable broadband is non-negotiable and its great to see this kind of progress underway.