Andover Leisure Centre

I have received a lot of emails from constituents about the plans to build a new leisure centre in Andover. Many people are concerned about the disruption caused and the size and extent of the new facilities. I have met with both TVBC and the new provider, Places for People, to talk through the issues raised, and they have produced a very useful FAQ, which you can find by clicking through to the page below on the TVBC website. A lot of the facility – the gym, squash and some of the studios, will be kept open throughout the two year build, but the pool and hall will close. There is a plan to build a temporary pool on Shepherd Spring car park, and many of the groups that use the centre are being accommodated elsewhere temporarily. I know that both PfP and TVBC are working hard to try and make provision for everyone they can during the rebuild.

On the face of it, the plans for the new centre look really very good, and we are lucky to be getting a spanking new facility at a time when national finances are so stretched. The test will be how the team keep as many people as possible exercising and active with access to what they need during the 24 month build.