Nature Notes


I’m not suspicious but when it comes to owls, I’m starting to wonder. Many years ago, when I had a home in Norfolk, I saw three barn owls in a day, having never seen one before. Many believe the owl is a bad omen….

Then there I was at party conference when what should appear on the NatWest​ Bank stand but Dizzy the Barn Owl​, brought by Coda Falconry​ one of the bank’s customers. As you can see she is a lovely creature and a real showstopper. Pleasingly numbers of this ghostly and graceful bird are rising across the UK.

But then..on the Wednesday I went campaigning in Witney, Oxfordshire​ with Helen Whately​ and Jeremy Quin and round the back of a little village called Stonesfield​, we bumped into Reuben, an Indian eagle-owl​ from Chrissie’s Owls​ a rescue organisation. He was being loaded into a van on his way to visit a school. Again another beautiful animal…I started to wonder…

Then sure enough this morning Helen emailed me with this picture of a juvenile tawny owl that had fallen down her chimney in Kent.

Three owls in three days….